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Various chases spring & summer 2011: Most of these chases weren't worthy of an account of their own, but a few of them I did get a few good photos that I'll post here. I guess I'll try to post them in chronological order. Here's one from June 7 in southeast North Dakota, this chase was a bust, so I ended up chasing this cold core non severe storm, it offered an interesting sunset at least.

This one is from June 17 in Central Minnesota, just southwest of Willmar. Not a good looking setup or anything, just got bored and wanted to see some storms. They strangely had very visible structure for being multi-cellular on radar...

Skipping ahead to June 26. I chased in Nebraska this day, but it basically busted, nothing fired in the warm sector and a big bow echo formed way west in the sandhills and tracked east, crappiest visibility on a storm I've ever seen, it was just foggy when the line came in. Cleared out nicely on the back side though and I got a few good lightning shots. Also where I intercepted the line (Oakland, NE) suffered some tree damage from 60mph winds.

Now July first in SW Minnesota, I headed out after seeing a storm forming near Brookings, SD thinking it would form a nice bow echo. Intercepted it west of Redwood falls, MN and struggled to keep ahead of it, as it was moving 60mph. There are a few shots of that and a couple panos here. Then another bow came through around sunset that also had a decent shelf cloud with it.

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