Logitech Z606 Review: An Affordable 5.1 Speaker System with Bluetooth

Logitech just to see their latest zc-606 5.1 surround sound system which has a peak power of 160 watts and multi-source connectivity including Bluetooth, let’s take a closer look, be sure to subscribe and sound the notifications when we release this new video is Jordan with nine toys -to-five today we are looking at Logitech’s new Z 606 5.1 surround sound speaker system.

The main points of Logitech in this new system are the peak power of 160 watts and multi-source connectivity to fill any room from most sources that cost $ 129, this system is placed between the entry-level system $ 99 z506 5.1 and the surround system $ 399 z906 5.1 THX, 606 is the only one that offers Bluetooth which is a convenient Edition along with RCA and RCA Surround Sound aids.

The five-speaker connections are identical with different coloured cables to indicate their position in the surround sound settings. They look good and feel good with a wiser logic logo. My only problem with the design is that the central channel can easily block your screen if you don’t have a raised screen for your TV mounted on the wall of my PC, I finally put the speaker next to it so it doesn’t disturb my monitor. There is not much in the Box only a remote system and 13.5 mm for RCA cable to connect my PC to surround sound and I need to find two more 3.5 cables for RCA instructions only printed on the box when you open the top and the button-style pictograph diagram the buttons on the subwoofer are loud enough when depressed which gives a cheaper sense that I hope the remote is useful and everything is clearly labelled. You can quickly choose the input you like, let’s connect with the sound of clear satellite speakers and clear up to 20 kilohertz. Five-and-a-quarter-inch subwoofer drivers do a good job of filling the low end with a frequency response down to 50 hertz sound as strong as easily filling the room and maintaining audio quality up to a maximum volume of 30 You can adjust the volume of the rear centre front and sub-channels to dial in the speakers depends on how far you place them from your listening area.