Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Thicker Quickly? Is It Myth or Fact?

The hair on the face is occasionally regarded to ruin the physical appearance. It decreases self-confidence. That is why some men shave beard and moustache to make them more confident. But, there are some debates about shaving. It is claimed to grow hair thicker quickly. Does shaving make hair grow thicker? It is a classical question making some people afraid of shaving.

Is It True That Shaving Makes Hair Grow Thicker?

Shaving beard, moustache, and hair is affirmed to stimulate hair thicker. Does shaving make hair grow thicker? Don’t worry about shaving activity. Shaving is not influencing the thickness of beard, moustache, and beard. It has been revealed by some sides in which the myth of shaving and thicker hair growth found for years ago.

Some studies had been conducted since 1920 in which it had proven that shaving is not influencing the hair growth. The studies were reported to avoid misunderstanding about shaving. Does shaving make hair grow thicker? Based on the studies, it is just an underground myth strongly believed by many people making them hesitated to shave. If you want to shave beard and hair, you should use a good shaving tool and equipment that can be bought at

Shaving logically doesn’t influence the hair thickness because shaving only cuts hair on the skin surface. This seems to little bit answer a question of does shaving make hair grow thicker. Moreover, shaving is not disturbing hair follicles and gland under skin controlling the growth of hair. The hair growth is controlled by hair follicles. Due to the location under the skin, hair follicles don’t get influenced when you are shaving. Otherwise, hair follicles have been organized by genetic and hormone determining colour, texture, and roughness of hair. Does shaving make hair grow thicker can be answered briefly from the above explanation?

Why Does Hair Feel Thicker after Shaving ?

In addition to answering a question of does shaving make hair grow thicker, it is time to reveal the reasons why shaving sometimes makes hair look thicker. Normal hair branch will be sharpening in the tip of the hair. When you are shaving, you cut the sharpening hair tip. As a consequence,  new hair after shaving will feel thicker due to having cut straightly and not sharply on the tip anymore. Because the newly beard growth is too short, the hair feels so stiff than a usual condition. That makes the hair look thicker and rougher if it is touched. Another reason on believing of a question of does shaving make hair grow thicker is the first shaving occasion. For the men shaving for the first time at teenage, the beard, hair, or moustache tends to be thinner and flatter than adults. After they entered to adults phase, shaving will be a routine activity. It makes a drastic change as if as shaving caused the beard to grow thicker. However, in real fact, shaving happens when the body starts to produce normal adult hair. So, no a question anymore about does shaving make hair grow thicker.