How To Use Shaving Soap Can Help You to Apply It Properly

Some men may get confused about shaving soap and shaving cream. The application of shaving soap is rather difficult than applying shaving cream. It needs to soak into a bowl of water to use and apply. Due to less practical, some men start to neglect it. But, some of the men stay using it. How to use shaving soap will be the most readable guidance when you start to apply shaving soap. There are some ways on how to use shaving soap properly.

Making Lather in a Shaving Bowl

Using shaving soap is very different from shaving cream. The shaving cream tends to much easier and practical. But, it doesn’t work on shaving soap. Making lather in a shaving bowl can be the first way on how to use shaving soap. Building lather enables you to apply it easily on your face. But, before implementing it, you need to splash warm water to anticipate irritation. What kind of shaving soap do you take?

How do you build lather with shaving soap? Firstly, soak the brush into a shaving bowl filling hot water. Then, after it lets for a few minutes, empty it. Putting the shaving soap is to be another way on how to use shaving soap. It is aimed at softening the soap by adding a few drops of hot water. It is enough to make it softer. After that, take that brush and begin swirling it on the shaving soap for at least 10 seconds to make a lather. Then, swirl the brush into a shaving bowl to build thicker lather. After that, don’t forget to check the lather before you use it. This becomes the first guidance on how to use shaving soap.

Building Shaving Soap’s Lather on Your Face

Another way on how to use shaving soap is by building its lather on the face. If the first way is making lather into the shaving bowl, the next way is making lather directly on your face. Don’t get confused that both ways on how to use shaving soap will work very well. Firstly, soak the brush for a few minutes into the hot – water bowl. Then, shake it to remove its hot water drops. But, be careful about it. Don’t let it too dry. After that, soften the shaving soap. Like the first way, you need to drop a few drops of hot water upper the shaving soap. Then, swirl the shaving soap with a wet brush. Swirl it for few seconds to build lather. After you got a lather, let’s swirl on the cheeks to make a thicker lather. Swirl it for 30 seconds to get thicker. It is ready on shaving time. Which one do you prefer on how to use shaving soap?