How to Clean a Safety Razor in Easiest and Correct Way?

How to clean a safety razor? For safety razor user, this is an important question that they must know the answer. The reason is simple. If you know how to clean a safety razor, you will be able to keep your razor work much longer. That means you can save more money. Plus, you also can prevent many dangerous and problem in the future, like an infection.

So, the first thing that you need to know about how to clean a safety razor is how bad your safety razor is. If you just bought it, you can just open and remove all the parts, after you use it. Then, use moist towel or fabric to wipe all those removed parts, until it’s clean. Then wash it with water, dry it and it’s finished. If you do it regularly, you can maintain your safety razor condition for a long time. It won’t easily lose its shine and sharpness.
Now, if you haven’t clean your safety razor for quiet time, and there are some debris and even rust on its blade, here is how to clean a safety razor in that condition. First, remove all the parts. Then, use a toothbrush and hot water to clean it. Add some toothpaste to give you a better result. That’s how to clean a safety razor if you find it with that problem.

How to clean a safety razor, if the rust can’t be removed? First, prepare a pan, add water inside and heat it up. Wait until it boiling and put your razor blade inside this boiling water. But, do not put it directly into it. If the blade makes contact with hot metal on the pan surface, it can damage the blade. Therefore, use a strainer and keep it, so it won’t touch the pan surface. Boil it for around 10 minutes then cool it down. Do not wash it directly with cold water, while it’s still hot. It will damage the blade and the other part. Let it cool down naturally, then wash it with water and wipe it. That’s how to clean a safety razor with rust that difficult to remove.
So, wasn’t that easy to do? If you can do the method that mentioned above correctly and regularly, your safety razor can last longer than you imagine.