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You might have read from our pervious article that when we’re talking about Wahl, then you know what to expect. The super power. Yes, Wahl always gives us more power that allows our trimmer to give you the best shaving exoerience, even when you have a naughty naughty beard that is hard to be tamed or a really long beard or a really thick one, this bad boy would definitely be a challanger to your beard. You might want to read a little about Wahl’s history before we moving on to talk about Wahl beard trimmer parts that you can purchase to make your shaving experience even more remarkable.

Wahl as you might have known, has been around since 1919, invented by one genius under the name of Leo J Wahl, who patented the very first electromagnetic hair clipper at the same year. Wahl also introduced the very first vacumm clipper, and you might have guessed that this was created so consumers would get a better and cleaner shaving experience as a person’s hhair now can be cut without using cape. Not only patented the electromagnetic hair clipper and vacuum clipper, this company just never stopped. Shortly after they introduced the vacuum cilpper, in 1967, they invented and produced the very first cordless hair clipper that can be operated using battery. That’s right, your precious, easy for travelling trimmer and groomer products began here in Wahl’s company. What else have they invited? The lists went on.

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Four years after the battery operated clipper, Wahl invented cordless clipper with rechargeable soldering iron in 1975, the company released foot and back massager using the same motor used on their ctrimmers. Now you know why the motor on this company’s groomers always be the best on motor power. In 1984, your precious Wahl’s cordless beard and mustache trimmer was invented. And in 2001 they invented consumer beard trimmer with vacuum. But Wahl has not only work for human needs. The clippers have also been used for animals need. Yes, they even produced animals clipper, ranging for cats and dogs used on vet and grooming center, to horses and cows. How awesome is this clipper?

Now we are going to talk about Wahl beard trimmer parts. Here we’re going to write about parts for your Wahl beard trimmers, either for attachments or for replacements. For a beard trimmer, Wahl parts are rather easy to get.


1. Wahl Academy Clipper Case

You might wonder why we review a clipper case. Why? Just because it’s fun! This is of course not even an essential parts for your trimmer but still this would be fun or even necessary if you are a professional barber, stylish, or anything that requires you to bring you Wahl clippers everywhere. If you have invested in a top professional clippers, then it might be a god thing to invest on this beautiful case too. I mean, if ladies can put their make up on a beautiful and stylish case, then wy you guys can’t? reward you clippers with this beautiful case. With 25 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm measurement, this case would be ideal for any size clippers or trimmers or any other grooming kits, plus the accessories and combs too.

2. Detailer Double Wide Trimmer T-Blade

Sometimes, a trimmer is not enough. And a trimmer is of course not for styling. So if you have purchased your trimmer only for trimming and neating needs, you might want to purchase a Detailer Double Wide Trimmer T-Blade for your Wahl trimmer. A T-Blade has wider blade and giving you a more stylish and professional precision during styling.

What you get when you purchase it? You will get a 2-hole double wide trimmer blade with oil and screw. You can get both trimmer and liner performances, double width to trimming line and wider cut to make lining even easier.

3. Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer, 27 Pieces

You can purchase the trimmer alone or you can purchase the whole 27 pieces of Wahl‘s multi-cut clipper and trimmer. Not only you will get a mulit-cut clipper with dura chrome finish and battery operated S-trimmer, you will also get 12 guide combs, barber comb, styling/flattop comb, scissors, cape, blade oil, cleaning brush, 2 hair clips, blade guard for hair clips, mmirror, spray bottle, and soft zippered storage case. A complete package for anyone who loves their beard so much and have a need to keep their beard and other hair trimmed. Even perfect for anyone who wants to start their own professional grooming business.

A quiet yet powerful product, as of course many Wahl products are. The blased are self-sharpening and made from carbon steel blades that can stay sharp longer.

4. Wahl Professional Detachable Replacement Blade #2111

Fits for Echo, Beret, MAG and Sterling 4 Trimmer Models. A replacement blade for your Wahl trimmer. A professional choice, coming form Wahl professional’s grade line of products, thus this means that the balde is best of the best on Wahl line up. Used only with other professional full size trimmer. With super surgical blade, guarantee you a sharp blade that can cut precisely and neatly on your hair and leaves a cut length of 1/64”, suitable for trimming and even for surgical preparation. Close cut precision from a high grade stainless steel steel blade that is manufactured to resist rust and corrosion.

5. Wahl 3156 Trimmer Guide Comb

A trimmer guide comb you can use as an attachment for your Wahl trimmers. Available at 5 adjustable lengths ranging from 1/8” to 5/8”, can be attach, snap- on without having to change the blade. Can be fitted to models 8040 and 8900.

6. Wahl Detailer Accessory Pack (Extra Wide Blade)

This pack contains combs that could be used for your detailer and trimming need. You may attache this on you trimmer and get more details and precisement during trimming. Comes with Extra Wide Blade, and three different sizes of detailer, coming from 1 ½, 1, and ½ . also comes with cleaning bruh and small bottle of oil.

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