Best Buy Electric Shaver 2018

Since its invention, electric shavers have rapidly evolved. Nowadays, it has become somewhat of a staple for modern man to have in the bathroom cabinet, with manual shavers as a backup option. Electric shavers are especially useful when you are in a rush during the morning hours. It can really save the time for you to groom your facial hairs.

The downside of electric shavers however is the price. Top grade men electric shavers can cost from $200 and even as high as $500. The cost of budget busting device, combined with the many claims, marketing buzz words as well as advertisements and the varying shaving system can make it difficult for you to choose the best buy electric shavers. This is especially true if you are on a tight budget. However, you do not have to be frustrated as here we will proof to you that it is possible to have an electric shaver with great quality for under $100. Therefore, here we present you with the list of best buy electric shavers under $100.

The very first thing that comes into consideration when buying electric shavers is the operational type of the blades. There are two distinct way for the electric shavers’ blade to work. The first one is the foil system, in which the blades are placed beneath the foil. The foil essentially is curved metal cover with patterned holes which function to catch hairs for cutting. The second one is rotary shavers, where the blades are located beneath round heads. The heads are covered with holes and spins when the shaver is operated to capture and cut hairs.

Aside from the shaving system, the factor that will really determine the best shaver is the design and shape of the shaver head. The shaver head determines how well the shaver is maneuverable across facial features. Next is the shavers’ motor. A more powerful motor means that the blades are able to move at higher speed, which in turn determines the capability of the shaver to produce a closer shave.

Apart from those three factors mentioned above, other features of the shaver are mostly added functionalities. These features do make your life easier when operating the shaver, but they do not directly impact the shavers’ performances. What we meant here includes LCD screens that show remaining power left in the battery and docking stations which are able to charge the shavers and at the same time clean and lubricate the shaver.

Upon consideration of the above factors, we have chosen three best buy electric shavers. So here we go.

  1. Panasonic ES-LT41-K

Panasonic ES-LT41-K

Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company that is known to have produced some of the best shavers. The ES-LT41-K foil shaver is no exception. Coming from the Arc 3 series, means this shaver is equipped with 3 Nanotech blades which have been the signature of all Panasonic electric shavers. The features found on this shaver are quite similar to features found on majority of higher priced shavers. Firstly, the shaver is equipped with a powerful linear motor drive which can provide 13,000 cycles per minute. Secondly, the shaving head is well designed and able to pivots about 25 degrees vertically and about 20 degrees horizontally. Third, it is also comes with an LCD display that shows the battery power that remains as well as other information. Fourth, it also has vibration mode that helps to clean the shaver by shaking the cut hairs loose. Finally, the ES-LT41-K is a wet and dry shaver. This means you can use it for a dry shave when you are hard pressed for a morning meeting, or a leisure wet shave with your favorite shaving cream, foam, gel or lotion under the shower or in the bath. You can also easily clean the shaver with a wash under the running tap water.

  1. Philips Norelco AT830

Philip-Norelco-AT830-2The renowned European company is one of the few companies that produce rotary shavers. Philips Norelco AT830 is their best offering that we included in our best buy electric shavers list. We have chosen the AT830 because of a few reasons. First of all, it is a wet and dry shaver, which allows you to do your shaving under the shower or in the bath. Secondly, the AT830 has a head that pivots and allow the shaver’s head to adjust to your facial contours which makes it able to deliver a quality and comfortable shave.

  1. Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex

Remington F5790 Pivot & FlexLast but not least, our list for the best buy electric shavers will not be complete without including the Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex, which perhaps is the most affordable electric shaver when compared to all the key features of this shaver include three foils that flex independently and therefore able to adjust to facial contours. The durability is astounding, supported by the titanium coated blades. The sleek and ergonomic curved design allows it to be held comfortably. Although it is not a wet and dry shaver, but it is waterproof which means you can easily remove the head and wash it under the faucet when it needs a cleaning. The Remington F5790 also sports dual power system, which allows you to operate it with or without the cord. The battery charges in 2 hours and will last for up to 60 minutes. It is also equipped with an LED display that shows the amount of battery left. If you forgot to charge the shaver and are in need for a quick shave in the morning, a five minutes quick charge will provide the shaver with enough juice to do a single shave. This shaver will only sets you back by $55, which unarguably is very affordable.


We hope that our list of best buy electric shavers will definitely help you in determining the most suitable shavers for you, and of course the one that suits your budget best. Hopefully it will help you to get a shaver that will help you in getting close and clean shave to begin your day.

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